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So You Want to Start a Food Truck?

Episode 009- Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions is to start a food business.  Ayoub Abboud is the owner of the Knight Slider Food Truck.  A few years back he decided to start his food truck business when the food truck craze was just starting up in Buffalo, New York.

During the conversation, Ayoub explains what he did to start the business, some lessons he’s learned along the way, and what he would do differently if he were to do it again.  There is a lot to learn here from a really knowledgeable and friendly guy.

If you want more information about starting a food truck business, one of the resources he recommends is Mobile Cuisine. Another very helpful resource was created by Pat Flynn and is called FoodTruckr.

Also, I baked beer bread from a Paul Hollywood cookbook called 100 Great Breads. In order to make beer bread, one needs beer so I used a coffee lager from Saranac Brewery.  This is the “go to” beer that we have around the house lately.  The bread turned out fine but I lost a lot of the coffee taste that I was shooting for.

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