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Dan Pashman: Reintroducing a Favorite Food Guy

Episode 025-  In this encore presentation, I reintroduce you to Dan Pashman who is my kind of food guy.  He is smart, thoughtful, and funny! He also knows his food.  Once you listen to his podcast called The Sporkful you’ll understand why it is not only my favorite food-related podcasts, but my favorite podcasts in general.  You may also see Dan on You’re Eating It Wrong on the Cooking Channel.  Maybe you caught him recently with Guy Fieri on the Food Network.

He was very gracious of him to come on the show.  While I admit that I am a bit of a Sporkful fanboy, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t take Dan to task for his approach to my hometown food, the chicken wing (aka Buffalo wings by rookies) during our talk. Here is video demonstrating his (and other) wing eating techniques.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Dan and I have been on a podcast together.  Dan interviewed me for The Sporkful’s Veterans Day show. Take a listen!

An update:

  • Since our conversation, Dan has moved production of his show from WNYC to Stitcher Radio.
  • Also, I did get to interview Matt Reynolds of the The Great Chicken Wing Hunt film.  That is coming up on a future episode of Guys and Food.

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